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Arco Iris mangonadas are made daily using fresh fruit that is pureed and frozen, then topped with a flavored syrup and chile powder. Sweet, icy, tart and spicy, mangonadas are typically made with pureed mango, but other varieties we make are strawberry, watermelon, lime, pineapple, cantaloupe, tamarind and chamoy.  Mangonadas are sold in the following container sizes: •	5 gallon bucket •	4 gallon bucket •	1 gallon bucket •	10 oz. cup  Click here for a map of locations where our mangonadas are sold.

Snow Cone Supplies

Everything you need for snow cone supplies wholesale and retail

At Arco Iris, we began our business with ice cream trucks, so we know what it takes to keep you equipped and ready for sales. Our location at 1435 Frio City Road is a one-stop shop for all of your raspa and snow cone needs. We have the flavored syrups, the ice and the cups in bulk quantities. Retailers and wholesalers are welcome!

Wholesale Concession Supplies

Stock your raspa concession stand at Arco Iris

Arco Iris is a prime source for wholesale concession supplies for raspas. Come to us for the following, available at great prices and convenient quantities:
  • Flavored Syrups
  • Block Ice
  • Shaved Ice
  • Cubed Ice
  • Cups

Bulk Ice

Your best source for ice

Arco Iris makes and sells ice in many forms:
  • Block Ice
  • Shaved Ice
  • Cubed Ice
Whether you need ice for your bar, restaurant, concession stand, retail outlet or food truck, contact us for information about pricing, pick-up and delivery.